4 Ways Security Cameras Can Help Your Business

September 12th, 2019

Just about every business in every industry needs some kind of security.  After all, if you produce something valuable enough for people to pay you for it, then you have something valuable enough for someone to steal, copy, or sabotage.  The specific needs of each company can be very different depending on whether it’s a retail store, a restaurant, a factory, or an office, but security helps and surveillance cameras are a key part of any security system.  There are several ways that they help:

1. Crime Deterrence

In many gas stations and department stores you may notice that they have a monitor set near the entrance with a live camera feed on the display.  This is so visitors understand that the store has a live camera system that the staff is watching and recording for later.  The reason stores want to make this clear is because security cameras can deter people from committing crimes:  it’s much easier to resist the temptation of doing something illegal when we know someone is watching us.

2. Evidence

Camera recordings can be faked or altered, but in general they are much more reliable as evidence and much more impartial than a witness statement.  That makes them an effective tool to use in court cases, including both criminal cases against thieves and vandals and civil cases against upset employees and customers.  Whichever way the case ends up going, surveillance recordings can make them go by faster and let your business move on to more important matters.

3. Employee Monitoring

Employee theft is a major issue in every company that hires employees.  Some people just aren’t very trustworthy, and they’ll abuse the trust and opportunities their employer gives them to steal money, supplies, and products from the workplace.  Surveillance cameras don’t work for every kind of employee theft, so you’ll need other safeguards to protect from fraud and embezzlement, but they do give you an opportunity to see theft in action and do something about it.

4. Employee Evaluation

Security cameras can catch more than just theft and vandalism.  They can also show you how your employees treat customers, whether they pay attention to their jobs or slack off, how they treat each other, and whether they follow all the safety regulations and guidelines that keep your company running smoothly and safely.  Camera footage can be a valuable tool in evaluating your employees and finding out who deserves more responsibility, who needs more training, and who you should let go.

 Every company needs a security system that’s customized for them.  A bigger facility needs additional cameras for surveillance, companies with a lot of valuables need extra locks and restricted areas that only let authorized personnel inside, and companies in areas with a lot of burglaries and robberies need security alarms and access control systems that make them too hard of a target to be worth trying to break in.  So if your company needs a new security system or needs to update its existing system to meet new needs, you should contact Protect 1 for help and information.