Eight Signs You Need A Business Security System

August 16th, 2019

You have worked really hard to get your business up and running. In one night that could all end with a break in or security breach. So perhaps it is time to look at some options to protect your business and hard work. Look around your business with a critical eye. Use the following as a guide to determine what aspects of your building have weak security and signs you may want to consider installing a security system: 

  1. There Are Robberies And/Or Vandalism In Your Area

Have there been any break ins or robberies lately in your neighborhood?  Look around as you drive to your business. Is there an increase in graffiti? Broken windows? Security cameras watching the outside of your premises can be an effective deterrent to those issues.

  1. You Will Be Away From The Business

If you have to be away from your business or going on a family vacation and will be out of town, a security system will contact the proper authorities and send out first responders right away should something happen.  Even the most loyal employee cannot be expected to protect your business when you are gone. 

  1. Your Entrances And Exits Are Not Secure

Look at where your customers and employees enter and exit the building. Is it secure? Look at your parking lot. Are there dark areas that could hide someone.

  1. You Need Cybersecurity

How much information about your business and customers are on your computers and open to cyber attacks. Most security systems will protect your computers and can also limit access. 

  1. You Have Faced Liability Claims

Security cameras do more than protect a business from break ins or burglaries. If a customer or employee blames your company for an accident that occurs on your property your security cameras can help determine if your company really is liable for the reported issue. 

  1. You Want To Maintain A Professional Appearance

Security systems give people peace of mind.  When customers are at your business and notice that you have security cameras, they will feel more secure working with your business.  They understand that you are committed to protecting them physically, but also any personal information of theirs that you have.

  1. Your Insurance Premiums Are Way Too High

Most insurance companies will decrease your premiums once you notify them that you have installed a security system. They understand that with a security system your business is at lower risk of being burglarized. That means they are less likely to have to pay you a claim and they’ll pass their savings onto you.

  1. You Are Really Stressed Out.

Security systems can give you peace of mind. You won’t have to leave the comfort of your home to adjust the lights and temperature in your building. You will always know who is entering and exiting the building. You’ll be able to contact first responders immediately when there is a problem. This will help you experience less stress and focus on building your business.

If you have any of these signs, it’s time to get a security system. The professionals at Protect One Security will design, install, and maintain a system that meets your unique business needs. Our highly-skilled security technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver affordable and custom solutions. You have worked hard for your business, a security system will make sure you don’t lose that business you worked so hard for.