Five Must Have Features For Your Business Security System

August 23rd, 2019

Security system technology continues to improve, expand and become more affordable every year. If you are going to invest in a security system or are looking to upgrade your existing system, make sure the system you choose is not dated before you even install it. When it comes to Business Security Systems these five features are the best to include when setting up or improving your business security system; allowing you to have the latest and best technology. They include:

1. High Definition Camera

Also known as HD CCTV and HD over Coax cameras they can capture high definition video footage up to 1080 pixels.  This will allow you to capture clear and well defined images of any shoplifter or burglar and the goods they are taking. The clarity of these videos ensure you get a clear view of what is going on in your business with no distortion or blurring of the video. They also provide foolproof evidence for police.

2. Motion Sensor Detector

When you include a motion sensor detector in your security system, it will start the camera and begin recording images or video footage the moment it detects any movement in areas that should not have any movement. This ensures that you always have video available and the batteries that power your camera do not run out. 

3. Weatherproof Equipment

Regardless of what the weather may be, you want your security equipment to operate at peak performance. By making sure your cameras and other equipment is waterproof and can function in every storm you can make sure to get video in snow, sleet or rain. 

4. Wireless Technology

Wireless systems connect all security equipment to a main control panel via radio signals rather than the older technology that relies on electric and phone lines. This allows you to access your system and cameras anywhere you have WiFi. Another benefit is the ability to place cameras where you need them instead of where you have electrical outlets. 

5. Mobile Interactive Alerting System

Mobile interactive alerting system allows you to access all your video cameras from your mobile device no matter where you are. This lets you to view your security footage and stop alerts for non threatening occurrences so the authorities are not unnecessarily notified. Any breach will give you a push notification alert, you link to the video and decide how you want to respond. 

Keeping Your Business Secure

In this day and age technology provides substantial protection at an affordable price. If you are serious about keeping your business safe, locks and cameras are not enough; you need a security system. Contact the professionals at Protect 1 Security.  We will work with you to determine your needs and develop a custom designed solution within your budget. You have worked hard to take care of your business, let the experts at Protect 1 Security give you the peace of mind you deserve for all your hard work.