How Businesses Can Benefit From Security Camera Systems

April 26th, 2019

Owning and operating a business in Austin, TX is a lot of work and requires a lot of patience, time, and dedication on the part of the business owner. There are so many different facets of the business that need attention, and one of the more overlooked areas happens to be the security of the business.

It has been shown that employee theft is a multibillion-dollar problem that is continually occurring in the United States. Many businesses have actually even gone bankrupt each year due to employee theft, and more than 75% of employees have admitted to stealing from their employers at least once.

Combatting Internal and External Theft

To protect yourself and your business from falling victim to burglars and thieves, it is important to do what you can to secure your investment. To do this, you should consider installing a high-quality surveillance system for your business.

Having your system professionally installed means the opportunity to cover any blind spots there may be and it also allows you to keep a closer eye on both your customers and your employees to help cut down on shrink.

Cut Down on Shrink

You can't possibly be at your business in Austin, TX at all hours of the day and night, so a surveillance system is a good way to keep an eye on everything while you are away. A lot happens when the boss steps away for a while, so having a good surveillance system - especially one with remote access - allows you to monitor your business 24/7 from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

You will be able to keep an eye on the productivity level of your employees while also protecting private and sensitive areas of the business that you may have allowed limited access to.

Placing cameras in these strategic locations allows you to monitor who is coming and going and also keeps your valuables in place. Security cameras are often a great deterrent for theft, so a criminal will be less likely to steal when there is a camera in the area.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Another benefit of a security system and cameras is improved customer satisfaction rates. You will be able to see how your employees are treating your customers; you can monitor your traffic during different times throughout the day and determine if there are items or locations within the business that need to be rearranged or better secured.

False Liability Cases

False claims are another problem area for many businesses; however, having a surveillance system in place means that you will have the video footage to discourage people from filing these fraudulent claims. For this to be most effective, you want to be sure that you have access to unlimited video storage.

As you can see, having the right surveillance system in place can significantly benefit your business and offers that extra layer of protection you need to protect your investment and your bottom line in Austin, TX.