4 Ways To Keep People Safe In Your Parking Garage

October 17th, 2019

Security InfoWatch reports that parking facilities are more susceptible to crime than any other type of location outside of a residence. This includes expansive lots and multi-level facilities. By installing proper protection and precautions in your parking garage, you can significantly reduce your risk of accidents, theft, and violence. Here are four ways to ensure that your parking garage is safe and secure for customers and employees alike. 

1 – Keep An Eye On Everything With Video Surveillance

Video surveillance cameras can deter theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity from occurring in your parking garage. If this type of activity does occur, you will be able to view the event in order to determine what happened, or who did it. When choosing and installing security cameras for your facility, be sure to:

  • Choose cameras with high resolution that can capture all areas of the garage and eliminate blind spots and pixilated images.
  • Place cameras high out of reach to avoid tampering.
  • Look for cameras that have day and night visibility.
  • Install cameras in stairwells, entrances, and payment stations.
  • Back-up your footage in case you need it for future reference.

2 – Light Up The Area For Good Visibility

The right lighting can put your customers and employees at ease. It can enhance the visibility within your parking garage, making it more difficult for criminals to the hideout. There are different types of lighting equipment to choose from, and your needs will vary based on your hours of operation and garage size. As a general rule, keep the following areas well-lit for success:

  • Along all walkways.
  • In dark corners.
  • Near and inside elevators.
  • Close to parking spaces.
  • Inside stairwells and staircases.

3 – Keep Tabs On The Flow Of Traffic

The flow of traffic in your parking garage can play a large part in reducing vehicle accidents. Video surveillance can help you determine what areas are congested, and when traffic flow is heavier. This can help you take steps to ensure a smoother flow during peak hours. You might even need to hire someone to direct traffic to avoid a jam. Be sure that directional signage is clear and visible so that people can find exits and entryways with ease. 

4 – Perform Regular Maintenance

Whether you hire someone to do it, or you do it yourself, regular maintenance is imperative to keeping your parking garage free from liability issues. The pavement, railings, stairwells, and elevators must be in good working order to avoid damages to cars, employees, and customers. For safety sake, do not plant large trees or shrubbery near the garage, as this provides a hiding place for thieves. If you have any questions about the vulnerable spots in your parking garage, your security vendor can help.


At Protect 1, we know all about the protection that security cameras can provide to your business. From the inside to the outside, we’ll help you find the video surveillance system that’s right for your parking garage. Contact us today to learn more.