Four Ways Security Cameras In Your Home Make You Safe

November 8th, 2019

Many homeowners understand the value of having security cameras outside your home. Their mere presence is enough to discourage most thieves from selecting a home for home invasion and theft. However, homeowners may benefit from having security cameras inside the home, as well. But what does this do for you? Here are four things internal security cameras can do to improve your home life.

Monitor Children

Today’s security cameras allow for reviewing footage whenever you like; you no longer have to go to a dedicated security room to see what was taped the night before. With a modern wireless security camera, you can view the footage on your desktop computer, your laptop, or even your phone. Moreover, it doesn’t just have to be old footage; you can view live feed this way as well.

For parents that are out frequently, or work odd hours, this makes it possible to keep an eye on the children even when you’re not at home. You can still see whether they’re eating, doing homework, or in bed when they’re supposed to be.

Monitor Visitors

Some homeowners have many people come over for various types of work. You may have a housekeeper that comes in a few times, a week, a pool cleaner, or even a baby sitter regularly. Internal cameras ensure that if you’re worried these people aren’t behaving as they should, you can quickly consult your security footage. If there’s any theft or other unacceptable behavior occurring, such as cruelty to the children, or pets, you’ll see it.

Monitor The Elderly

Elderly residents are delicate, and in some cases, may also have uncertain mental states. If there’s any concern about injuries from falls while moving about the home, or even getting up and wandering away, an internal camera system can help provide more safety for these incidents.

Now, if something happens, such as a fall or an elderly resident sneaking out of the room in the middle of the night to eat food that was stricken from the diet, the camera will see, and appropriate measures can be taken. It’s a great way to provide children of elderly residents with more control and peace of mind.

Pet Safety

For many people who have dogs or cats in the home, there’s always a bit of uncertainty as to what these animals will get up to while no one is there. If you have to go on a trip and you’re leaving your pet at home with a sitter, or you’re just curious about what your pet does while you’re not there, an internal camera can clear up many questions.

Now you can see whether your cats get along, or whether your dog drinks out of the toilet, or even whether they are abusing the furniture while you’re not there, making it easier to tackle these problems now that you know what’s going on.

If you want more awareness of what goes on in your home, we can help. Contact Protect 1 Security, and evaluate your property to see what kind of camera system serves your needs.