Protecting Your Home Deliveries From Theft

October 10th, 2019

Online shopping has boomed in recent years because of the ease and availability of a vast variety of products. This new convenience has not just attracted the attention of consumers, but also the attention of criminals. Criminals, commonly referred to as “porch pirates”, will scout neighborhoods looking for unattended, delivered packages to steal. This theft has become so rampant that a recent survey found that 1 in 3 people has been a victim of package theft. If you are a fan of online shopping, you need to take care to protect yourself against these thieves. Here are some ways to prevent your home deliveries from being stolen.


Provide The Delivery Company With Special Instructions


When ordering online, you will usually be given a variety of shipping options. Often times, we just choose the fastest option. However, fast does not mean safe. There are some great options that are typically offered for free that can help prevent theft including:


  • Require A Signature: Make sure that when the package is delivered that it requires a signature. Without a signature, the package will be returned to the shipping facility.
  • Opt For Pickup: Most delivery companies will allow you to pick up packages right from their facilities. Pick up allows you to get the package when you have time, rather than leaving it on your porch vulnerable to theft.
  • Extra Instructions: There is often a field that you can add extra instructions like “leave behind the bush in the front” or “leave with a neighbor if no one answers.” Adding these instructions will help provide guidance to your delivery driver on how to help keep your packages safe.


You can also consider having your package delivered to a different address if you are not going to be home. Many workplaces allow you to have deliveries, just check with your company to learn their policy. If you have a trusted neighbor who is home during the day, you can also see if they will accept your packages.


Invest In A Secure Lockbox


Another option is to invest in a package delivery box. These boxes are basically safes that are left open. When the delivery driver drops off a package, they put them in the safe and lock them. You will then access the safe when they get home. This is great for small packages but isn’t always the best option if you have larger deliveries.


Implement Home Security Features


These are all great options, but really the best way to protect yourself against package theft is with a home security system with the right features including:


  • Doorbell Camera: Doorbell cameras are surveillance cameras that are triggered when someone goes onto your porch. They instantly notify you when a package is delivered and if someone is trying to steal it.
  • Remote Monitoring: If you work during the day, integrating your smart doorbell with remote monitoring can make sure that you can watch your packages when you aren’t home. When delivery happens you’ll get a notification right to your smartphone. You will also get a notification if a porch pirate tries to steal your package.


These two home security features will help prevent porch pirates from stealing your packages.


If you’d like to learn more ways to keep your packages safe from theft, give Protect 1. We offer the most advanced home security systems with 24/7 monitoring that will help deter these thieves. Give us a call to learn more about the ways we can protect your home!