Four Benefits Of Installing An IP Security Systems In Your Business

September 6th, 2019

If you currently have a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system and are looking to upgrade or if you are looking to install a security system, Internet Protocol (IP) security systems are more powerful and convenient to install and use. IP security systems function like CCTV systems, except that they plug into ethernet ports and operate over the internet like your computer does. This system allows you to view live or previously recorded footage as well as controlling the cameras direction with your smartphone or mobile device. 

Benefits Of Installing An IP System

The advanced features and convenience of using IP security camera systems has changed the way we view security greatly. Some advanced features include:

1.Better Image Quality:

Over the last fifty years the quality of the image in security cameras continued to improve but the need for better resolution and image quality has resulted in the IP security camera. Internet Protocol surveillance has developed different resolutions that fit the different needs for larger or smaller businesses. Their resolution is much better than the analog camera can provide. What does that mean for the average business owner? Razor sharp images of your property, less cameras to do the same coverage. Facial recognition, easier to read license plates all make this a desirable system. With features including motion detection, night vision, two way audio it is a dependable way to keep your business secure. 

2. Easy To Use:

IP systems are not only easy to install and maintain, they are easy for the user. IP surveillance is user-friendly, simple to install and pair with smartphones or your mobile device with simple management and control options.

3. Easy Installation And Maintenance:

Many people equate top of the line technology with complicated systems and maintenance. IP camera systems are actually the opposite and very simple to install and maintain. Most IP systems come with plug and play features. The cable only needs to be connected to the nearest network. Since it also has less connections it requires less complicated maintenance. 

4. Easy To Upgrade

Since traditional systems use a coax cable to transmit the images from camera to a recorder you are limited to the number of ports that cameras can be plugged into. This leaves you a limited amount of cameras you can install. IP allows you as many cameras you wish to connect, recordings are saved on hard drives. One network video recorder can manage several IP cameras. 

When you look at the whole package, purchasing surveillance equipment and installing it may seem a bit high in cost, but offers better value and lower cost of maintenance. So you have lower long term cost, better security, more automation and less equipment, functionality and ease of use which makes installing an IP system the smartest choice for business owners. 

The professionals at Protect 1 security have the experience and technical know how to provide you with an IP security system. We’ll provide installation and educate you and your staff on how to use your new system, while keeping your needs and budget in mind. Call us today to learn how your business can upgrade to an IP security system.