Protecting Your Surveillance System From Hackers

October 4th, 2019

When you install a surveillance system, one of the first things you’ll likely begin planning for is to protect it from vandals and other criminals who may want to physically damage it. But what about the fact that hackers can access a security system and quickly destroy it from within?

When you consider that most businesses and homes today are using IP cameras that link to the internet for operation, it becomes clear that protecting your system from hackers is an absolute must. Luckily, it’s also much more possible than you might think. Here are some of the best ways to protect your surveillance system from hackers and other online threats.

One – Change Passwords Regularly

If your system requires a password to access live feeds or to manage cameras, change the password regularly. Hackers can more easily target devices with outdated passwords, so change the password every three months and maintain strong password strength at all times to make sure you stay protected.

Two – Don’t Use Default Passwords or Usernames

When your system is initially set up, it may have a default password or username. Both of these need to be changed as soon as the system is up and running. It’s fast, easy to do, and is the first step to making sure your level of protection is maximized.

Three – Avoid Public Networks

Public Wi-Fi networks are the easiest targets for hackers. Don’t log into your camera feed when you’re on the go and connected to a public Wi-Fi access point. Doing so could be a simple way to essentially give your hacker full control over your system.

Four – Secure The Network

With cameras that are connected to the internet, using a secure network connection is vital. There are several steps you can take to protect your network fully including:

  • Use a managed broadband solution from a trusted provider. This gives you continuous network management that alerts you each time a threat is raised.


  • Secure each element of the network as well. Every device that can access the cameras or the security system needs to be fully secured to protect against breaches.


  • Monitor for threats. Using things like a Network Operations Center will allow you to manage and monitor your surveillance system and keep tabs on any potential threats.


Five – Use Encryption

Today’s cameras should include encrypted signals that disguise all information sent via the internet including valuable data and your video footage. Investing a bit more in cameras that have encrypted signals is well worth doing, and something that can save you huge in the long run.

Starting With The Right Foundation

Total protection and peace of mind begin with the right security system as a foundation. You’ll need a system that is already built to stand up to hackers and to stay that way. If you’re ready for a system that you can depend on, our team of skilled experts is ready to help. Contact Protect 1 today to find out more about what kind of system we can design for you.