4 Reasons To Get A Motion-Detecting Security Camera

July 9th, 2019

Modern security cameras can come with all kinds of useful features.  While you can get an ordinary closed-circuit camera with a wire connection, today’s security cameras can come with wireless connections and battery power for full mobility, HD resolutions that capture much more detail, low-light modes that don’t need a light source to see, and more.  One of these features is motion detection, and with it the camera you put in your Austin, TX home can be much more effective.

  1. It Can Send Alerts

Modern security systems can be very convenient since the Austin, TX security company that sets it up can give you a smartphone app that lets you control just about everything no matter where you go.  This means the system can send you alerts when the burglar or fire alarms go off, and you can also get an alert if a camera with motion detection turns on.  This lets you decide what to do in real-time based on whether your visitor is a delivery person, a friend, or a burglar.

  1. It Keeps The Camera Efficient

Most of the time, a security camera doesn’t see anything interesting.  However, it still uses up power to watch your empty yard or unused back room, and you can see that in your electric bill whether it’s plugged in directly or whether you have a few battery packs you need to swap in after a recharge.  Motion detectors use less power to stay on constantly, and so they save power and battery life by only activating the camera when something trips the motion sensor.

  1. It Only Gives You The Good Stuff

Since a camera with motion detection only turns on when something starts moving, you won’t have to search through hours of empty footage when you review your camera recordings.  Instead, you’ll have much less video to watch and all of it will have something interesting going on.  Sometimes your camera will record things like pedestrians walking past or garbage blowing through, but even then there will be much less of it you’ll need to review.

  1. It Helps You Keep Track Of Your Family

A motion-detecting camera doesn’t just activate when it sees a stranger, it activates when it sees anything moving around.  Depending on where you put it, a camera can spot deliveries, intruders, and contractors, plus it can also record when your teenage child comes and goes and how many friends they bring over when you’re away for the evening.  And since it can send alerts to your phone when it activates, you have the opportunity to react to what’s going on when it happens and not just the next morning.

With motion detection, a camera is more efficient and has the ability to alert you to trouble as soon as that trouble shows up.  In fact, the latest cameras also have face-detection features that cut down on false alarms and useless footage.  Residents of Austin, TX should speak to a representative at Protect 1 to find out exactly what a modern camera can do.