Good Security Camera Coverage Means Good Placement

July 18th, 2019

A security camera system is one of the best ways to protect a home or a business. Unlike an alarm system, which is only useful when a break-in occurs, or a lock, which is designed to stop intruders in their tracks, the beauty of the security camera is they prevent people from ever coming near your property.

Deterrence is the biggest benefit of the security camera. They are valuable investigative aids for the police in giving them crucial identifying characteristics of criminals that fall in view of the camera, and they are admissible later in court to prosecute those same criminals.  However, security cameras only perform these duties if they are properly positioned. How do you ensure good placement of your cameras?

The Field Of View Matters

From a functional perspective, this may seem like a no-brainer, but at the same time, it can be very challenging. A camera is only effective if it can see the things it needs to see and finding the right place for that camera to see everything it needs may not always be easy. The widest possible view, for example, is usually attained by putting a camera up high, where it can look down at everything.

Depending on the layout of a room, this may be tricky to achieve for a ceiling mounted camera. And if a camera is being installed outside, sticking it to the side of the nearest available building may not give it the view that you need. You may sometimes need to be prepared to create specific “mounts” for a camera, such as a pole outside if there’s no easy place to attach it.

Visibility Is The Point

Another thing that’s important, especially for a good deterrence effect, is not to hide a camera. It should be as obvious as possible. You want the public or potential thieves to know there is a camera present, and know they are being watched. It is this threat of their likeness being captured, and their actions recorded that causes thieves to hold back and not target your property.

You should only hide your cameras if you don’t want people to be aware they are being monitored, which is usually only in situations where the goal is to catch someone “in the act.” Under most circumstances, a visible camera is the ultimate deterrence.

Low Traffic Areas Matter

A final tip for placement is to put cameras in low traffic areas. These are usually where thieves will attempt criminal activities because other people aren’t around. Most thieves, for example, won’t attempt to pick the lock on a front door, where anyone on the street can see them can call the police. The backyard, however, where few people can see what’s going on, is ideal.

Let a security expert help you to determine which areas of a property are the most vulnerable to criminal activity, and then put cameras in those areas. If you’re looking for help, Protect 1 is here to give it. Contact us, and let us know what you need, we’ll be happy to assess, tell you what will get the job done, and make it happen.