Security Systems Are A Long-Term Investment

August 9th, 2019

A good security system can be costly.  If you want to be thorough it needs to include access control like electronic locks and window shutters, surveillance cameras in strategic locations, and alarms that detect intruders and fires.  However, you shouldn’t think of a security system as just an expense.  Instead, see it as an investment that will reduce future costs instead of providing more income.  There are several ways a comprehensive security system can do this.

Loss Prevention

Shoplifting is a serious problem in retail stores, and every company with employees has to worry about employee theft.  Security systems can prevent this by adding sensors that can tell when certain merchandise moves through them, by spotting shoplifters or cashiers taking money from the register, and by only allowing authorized personnel to enter the stockroom or the supply closet.  Strong shutters and alarm systems can also keep burglars from breaking into your building at night and taking everything that isn’t nailed down.

Rapid Response From Authorities

If a burglar breaks in after closing time or if a robber holds your cashier at gunpoint, a good alarm system can bring the police to your location in a matter of minutes.  Without an alarm, you might not know about a burglary until the next morning and a cashier can’t call about a robbery until after the robber leaves.  Alarm systems can also set off sprinklers and automatically notify the fire department to minimize the amount of damage a fire can cause.

Insurance Discounts

Security systems can help your company prevent or avoid burglaries, robberies, and lawsuits from people who try to take advantage of the legal system.  Companies buy insurance policies that pay out when these things happen, and they base the premiums they charge on the amount of risk they think you face.  That’s why many insurance companies will offer discounts and lower premiums to companies with comprehensive security systems.  Be sure to contact your insurance provider and find out whether you can get lower premiums from them.

Employee Evaluation

Security systems can watch for more than just illegal actions, they can help you see how your employees are doing.  Electronic locks can log entries and exits for each employee individually so you can keep track of where they go, and security cameras can show you whether they’re staying on task or slacking off.  You can also see if an employee is struggling with a new task or whether your staff needs newer or better tools to do their jobs.  This saves you money by making sure your employees are as effective and efficient as possible.

Many companies don’t install or upgrade their security systems because of the costs involved, but you can earn back that cost by reducing your expenses.  You can also make a small budget go a long way by carefully choosing which products to buy and where to install them.  At Protect 1, we help our clients create the best security system they can buy, so contact us today and learn for yourself how we can help.