Six Ways Wireless Security Can Help Parents

August 28th, 2019

It finally happens. Your child is now responsible enough to be left on their own after school. Perhaps your child already comes home to an empty house every day after school. They may only be home for an hour or so between school and end of your workday, but it can feel like hours. How do you secure a safe environment in this day and age to protect your child when they are home alone?

Keeping Kids Safe With Home Security

Setting up a home monitoring security system gives you the power to oversee your children and keep them safe. Protecting them from intruders is not the only benefit. Some of the many benefits include the following:

1. Get Notified When They Get Home

Once your child puts in their own code, you will receive a notification that they have made it home on time and are safe. This also eliminates your child from being locked out of the house because they misplaced their key. 

2. Who’s In The House

Your home may be the popular spot for the kids to hang out but you will want to keep an eye on the activity when you are not there to ensure that only the schoolmates you approve are hanging around and no one is causing trouble. 

3. Find the Culprit

 Siblings fight, it comes with childhood. With monitoring you can determine who did what, how and why without the arguing. It also gives your child some back up when something gets broken or disappears. 

4. Safety From Strangers

When it comes to meeting strangers; children, especially the younger ones tend to be more trusting when it comes to meeting strangers. Teaching your child about the security system sets a tone of how you expect them to behave towards strangers. Ensure they do not open the door for any strangers or allow them in the home. 

5. Enforcement of Rules

Security cameras will allow you to monitor your child’s behavior. With this insight you can make safety adjustments, confirm that rules are being followed, and homework is being done. It will also give your child a sense of security knowing that you are aware when they follow the rules and do the right thing. 

6.   Light Controls

During the winter months, coming home for your children may mean coming home to a dark house. With a security system, you can with smartphone app turn on the lights, allowing intruders to believe someone is at home waiting for the child. 

One of the key jobs of a parent is to create a safe and stable environment for your children. There is nothing more important than keeping your child safe from harm. Modern technology today allows you to install a home security monitoring system at an affordable price. The professionals at Protect 1 Security can help you set up an affordable system. We will work with you to set up a system that will protect you and your children.